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My "Why Not?" Attitude


I was never a straight-A student. I was always one of those average students in high-school and university, I never excelled at anything. Long after graduating, I kept feeling like the average student from high school. This might explain why I never had any career ambitions, there was never a single thing I was good at.

And then I started working. Suddenly I discovered I had unique skills, like great memory, being able to multi-task, I was a quick-learner and even quicker do-er. I started getting feedback from my co-workers, they were telling me how amazing I was! To me, it was an amazing experience! It was the first time in my life I was actually great at something! It affected me so much, that I developed my “I can learn and do anything I want” attitude. I may not be the best at everything- but I can learn whatever I want! And if you ask me- this is true for everyone else.

Shani Segev, First collection, Modest Fashion, Modest Style

 Photo by Smadar Kafri

The attitude that allows me to be open to new things is the “Why Not?” attitude. I think that the first time I used it was when I returned from my first South America trip, and this high-tech company I worked at as secretary, offered me to come back as Quality Assurance Engineer. Clearly, the first thing I said was “I know nothing about computers! I only know how to use the Internet and some Word…”

But they insisted and said they will teach me everything I need to know. Now, I was jobless, with a BA that was really useless… so what did I have to lose? I said Yes!

This first Yes, developed to a 10-year long career in different high-tech companies, in different positions. And I kept learning and developing with every job I had.

Shani Segev Second Collection

 Photo by Daniel Dayag

If I didn’t have this “Why Not?” attitude, if I weren’t open to learning, or at least try to learn, new, skills, I wouldn’t have developed and progressed the way I have. I wouldn’t start my own fashion brand because I’d be afraid of the “What would happen if…” attitude. And just to make it clear, I didn’t succeed in learning everything I wanted and everything I tried. Obviously, I made mistakes, and there are things I’m sorry I couldn’t learn. But! I know I really tried, and I know that there’s time for everything. If I couldn’t learn something in the past, it doesn’t mean I won’t be able to learn it in the future (one day I will know how to program…)

I’m writing this post now, remembering that only 2 years ago I started working on my first collection. And I think about all the things I’ve learned since then, and the way I feel right now, at a peak of the learning curve. And I think about all the challenges I’m facing, old and new. And I think about the reality I’m facing when sometimes it feels like everywhere I turn the road is blocked.

And then I think about how I developed in these past 2 years, and I know I have what it takes to face these challenges, old and new.

Shani Segev Third Collection

 Photo by Noa Maccabi

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